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240                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

Tourine, upon hearing BarthSlemy was without
a wife, began immediately to work and build plans,
and wrote to Pillgarlick to beg he would recommend
one of his fabrication to him; adding, "on fait
ces choses M bien lestement aujourd'hui." You
may imagine how Pill laughed!

I have written Benincasa an epitaph, on the
apoplectic fit of the Serenissima.1 I am afraid the
Adriatic will soon be no better than one of the
wicked, and forget her venerable husband.2

September, 1797.

M. informs me our ministers are displeased
with me for having, at the positive and official
request of the Directory, written to beg mercy
might be extended to an Irishman (Long), captain
of a French privateer captured, and to be tried for
his life, as by our law he has no chance of escaping
conviction. This man has been twenty-five years
established in France, has children, and served all
last war against us; for at that time the penal
laws prevented Catholics being employed in the

1  The fall of Genoa.

2  Alluding to the Doge of Venice wedding the Adriatic.